Reserved Parking Spot Program

UPDATED: March 15, 2017: The Reserved Parking Spot Program is closed for this school year. Check back in July & August 2017 for information on next year’s program.

For Reference – Fall 2016 Details: 

  • ONLY 50 Reserved Parking Spots are available.
  • Students receive a numbered hang tag when he or she purchases.
  • That numbered spot is reserved for that student during school hours for the entire school year.
  • Students may decorate the spot only with chalk and only in appropriate “dress code” like messaging.
  • Upon purchasing the reserved parking pass, students will be asked to sign a form stating they understand the nature of the program.

Special thanks to Kip and Stacy Bancroft and Mr. Cooper and Mr. Hercamp for making this program possible.

The program is open to all NPHS Students that qualify academically as seniors or juniors  for the graduating class of 2017 or 2018. Students may not share spots. Students must possess a valid Indiana Driver’s License, and adhere to all parking permit/pass guidelines set forth by NPHS. Students purchasing the reserved parking spot tags are expected to adhere to behavior expectations and guidelines as outlined in the student handbook.